The Importance of Instrument Washers for Your Central Sterile Services Department in Lubbock, TX

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In a hospital, sterility is incredibly important to the health of patients, care providers, staff members and visitors. If instruments are not decontaminated properly or effectively, it increases the risk of infection and contamination that can cause long-lasting health issues, especially to people with compromised immune systems. Because of the importance of sterilization, hospitals have central sterile services departments (CSSDs) that are responsible for coordinating instrument cleaning and decontamination. Read on to find out more about what these departments do and why instrument washers for your central sterile services department in Lubbock, TX are so important.

CSSD basics

In the interest of maintaining an uncontaminated workplace within a hospital and preventing harmful bacteria or infections from passing onto patients, hospitals rely heavily on single-use disposable equipment, like needles, cotton swabs and IVs. However, it’s simply not economical for all hospital equipment or medical accessories to be disposed of after a single use, and that’s where central sterile services departments come in. These departments are primarily responsible for ensuring that all equipment is thoroughly sterilized and decontaminated before it is used again. There are three distinct zones that these departments must coordinate to maintain sterilization procedures:

  • Decontamination zone: In the decontamination zone, equipment is disassembled, sorted and pre-cleaned before it goes through the sterilization process. This pre-wash removes grime, dirt particles, debris and organic compounds to prepare the equipment for sterilization. Pre-washing is done with instrument washers in central sterile services departments in Lubbock, TX. To ensure a thorough cleaning, it’s important for hospitals to invest in the right high-performance cleaning equipment for the job.
  • Clean zone: After equipment passes into the clean zone, it goes through a secondary sorting process. Equipment that requires repairs or maintenance will be set aside, while equipment that’s in good condition will move on to a low-temperature or steam sterilizer. Like instrument washers, steam sterilizers must have a high level of capacity and performance to promote effective sterilization of medical instruments.
  • Sterile zone: Once the instruments have been sterilized, they are sent to the sterile zone, where they are packed and stored while they await their next use. To minimize processing times for sterilization, it’s important for hospitals to use sterilizers with rapid drying capabilities. This enables technicians to store equipment and instruments immediately without waiting on lengthy air-drying times that create a bottleneck in the sterilization process.

Get instrument washers for your central sterile services department in Lubbock, TX

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