Emergency/EMS in Lubbock, TX

STAT Biomedical provides a variety of medical equipment sales, including defibrillators and AED products, throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and many other areas.
Monitors and defibrillation equipment are among the staple devices in any medical setting and are heavily relied upon for patient care and crisis management situations. Without fully functional equipment and enough units to satisfy the capacity of your facilities, it’s impossible to deliver proper patient care.
STAT Biomedical Inc. is here to make sure you have the monitors and defibrillators required to meet the demands of your environment. As the leader for defibrillator sales in Lubbock, Texas as well as many cities across the state of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and other states, we are proud to provide new and reconditioned defibrillators and AED devices.

As your premier resource for automated external defibrillator sales in Lubbock, TX, trust that you can come to us for high-quality, reliable, dependent products. We understand that your patients require flawless function of these units, which is why every item we sell is tested to the highest specifications and vetted independently for accuracy and functionality..

New Products

Stat Biomedical Inc. is pleased to offer products like refurbished AEDs from a wide range of trusted manufacturers. Please contact our office for further details and to request our catalog and full vendor list.

  • Seca Measuring Systems
  • Welch Allyn – Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Physio Control – AED’s and Defibrillators
  • Philips – AED’s Defibrillators and Patient Monitoring Equipment
  • GE Healthcare – Patient Monitoring Equipment, Fetal Monitors and EKG Machines
  • Mindray – Patient Monitors, Telemetry Systems, Anesthesia Machines and Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

For more information about any of the monitoring or automatic external defibrillator sales we offer or to inquire about our current stock of refurbished AEDs, surgical equipment, and clinic equipment, please contact us at 806-792-3214.

We are proud to provide hospitals and EMS facilities with their emergency medical equipment. The Emergency Department and EMS services need the most accurate, durable, and reliable devices and to be able to use them at a moment’s notice. It is critical that these departments have high-quality equipment that help prepare them for life-or-death interventions. Below are some of the many devices we sell to emergency facilities.