New and Used Medical Equipment in Lubbock, TX

Medical equipment comes in all capacities, with varying degrees of functionality and purpose. Depending on your clinical setting, the types of services your facilities provide or the needs of your staff, having the right medical equipment on hand means exploring a wide range of options. At Stat Biomedical Inc., we’re pleased to carry just about any item you could need!

From stretchers and ultrasound machines, to hydrocollators and autoclave sales in Lubbock, TX, we’re your premier provider of new and used medical equipment. No matter the size of your facilities, the medical services you offer or the demands of your patients and staff, know that we’re prepared to outfit your facilities with everything you could ever need.

We offer more than just generalized EEG machine sales in Lubbock, TX. In fact, our product inventory is always changing and constantly expanding to include new and essential units. Some of the staples we keep on hand and work to supply you with include:

Model Aspen Advanced
Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine
Model M-9 , M-11
Tabletop Autoclave
Model Renaissance Series
Transport Stretcher
Nihon Kohden
Model EEG 4421
21-Channel EEG Machine
Naimco Medical
Tabletop Hydrocollator


Equipment Repairs

In addition to providing you with a comprehensive selection of new and used medical equipment, we’re also on hand to help you maintain your existing items to a superior degree of functionality and efficiency. Our trained experts will work to ensure routine maintenance and generalized repairs keep your equipment in top functional condition.

Whether you’re aware of a problem with your equipment or you’re just doing your due diligence to maintain it, give us a call today at 806-792-3214 to have one of our expert professionals come out to give an exhaustive analysis of its function. From the largest hospital to the smallest, most specialized clinic, we’re on hand to deliver results.