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Provide Full-Service Care with New and Used Clinic Equipment in Lubbock, TX

May 30, 2019 6:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

How equipped is your clinic? Do you have everything you need to provide various levels of care? Are you limited by a lack of new and used clinic equipment in Lubbock, TX? It’s important to have a full range of equipment on hand to handle whatever needs may arise as you treat patients. Consider the following levels of care and the equipment they require. Then, decide if you are in need of additional new and used clinic equipment in Lubbock, TX: Assessing: The first line of treatment is assessing the patient. Do you have the right equipment to properly assess their condition and needs? Exam tables, power exam tables, roll-around lamps and scopes are just a few of the essentials... View Article

New Equipment Too Expensive for Your Clinic? Consider Buying Refurbished Equipment Instead

February 15, 2019 8:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Sometimes, buying new equipment for your medical clinic is just out of the question due to its astronomical cost. However, your clinic also can’t operate without quality equipment. If cost is a barrier, you should look for a vendor of new and used clinic equipment in Lubbock, TX. Buying refurbished or reconditioned clinic equipment is a great choice if your clinic is just getting started or it’s prohibited from expanding due to cost barriers. You can purchase a wide variety of high-quality equipment that’s been refurbished by professionals, from lab tables to AED equipment to scopes and thermometers. Here’s what you should know about purchasing refurbished clinic equipment. Why used clinic equipment is a good choice A lot of people... View Article