How Lab Equipment Maintenance Can Make A Difference in Your Bottom Line

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When you purchase new and used laboratory equipment in Lubbock, TX, you’re making a big investment in the productivity of your office. However, lab equipment isn’t designed to last forever. One way you can extend the lifespan of your expensive medical equipment and avoid buying new machines every few years is by implementing routine lab equipment maintenance.

Some equipment maintenance can (and should) be done regularly in-house, such as cleaning and calibration tests, while other maintenance may need to be outsourced to a medical equipment repair company. Although this seems like yet another cost to add to your lab’s operations, maintenance can make a huge difference in your office’s bottom line.

Inspections identify problems before they occur

A key part of maintenance is inspection and testing. Having your equipment inspected by a skilled professional can highlight any problems that might be occurring with your devices, even though they appear to be working well.

Regular inspections are important for all equipment so you can identify potential problems and have them fixed before they have a chance to interrupt your workflow. Staying ahead of the game keeps your equipment in top condition and prevents extra costs from accruing.

Maintenance prevents breakdowns

Sometimes, your lab equipment starts to act up occasionally but is still usable. This is where maintenance is necessary. Cleaning and calibration, as well as tune-ups, testing and more intense maintenance procedures, should be conducted to keep the equipment running smoothly. If your equipment breaks down, the repair costs will be higher than the maintenance would have been.

Another important thing about maintenance is that it prevents down time. When your equipment is unusable because it needs repairs, your lab isn’t able to conduct those procedures, and you lose out on potential profits. If you are able to outsource some of your testing, you will still end up with much lower returns.

Well-maintained equipment lasts longer

If you fail to properly maintain your lab equipment, there will come a day where the equipment stops functioning entirely. Then, you’ll need to replace it. Although used equipment is often less expensive, both new and used laboratory equipment in Lubbock, TX still costs a lot of money.

Instead of investing in replacement equipment, you can implement routine maintenance practices and extend the lifespan of your current machines. Overall, the investments you’ll make on routine inspection and maintenance are marginal compared to the cost of buying new equipment.

Turn to a reliable equipment maintenance provider

When you decide that lab equipment maintenance is a priority in your laboratory, you’ll want to work with a team of trained and experienced repair professionals. The company you select should be knowledgeable about a variety of equipment and be able to teach you and your team ways to care for your equipment on your own between scheduled maintenance visits.

Does your lab equipment require maintenance? Contact Stat Biomedical Inc. We provide affordable new and used laboratory equipment in Lubbock, TX for a wide span of uses, such as hospitals, surgery centers and clinics. We also have an equipment maintenance and repair service program to meet your equipment care needs.

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