What Is a BMET or Biomed?

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Have you heard the term “BMET,” but aren’t sure exactly what these technicians do? Are you interested in becoming a biomed professional? These equipment experts are a key part of the healthcare industry and are instrumental in hospital equipment repair in Lubbock, TX.

To find out more about this field, check out the following FAQ. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local provider of hospital equipment repair in Lubbock, TX for more information.

What is a BMET or biomed?

BMET stands for biomedical equipment technician. These professionals maintain hospital patient care equipment. Their daily tasks include maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs, procurement of new devices and training of new users on the operation and care of equipment. Healthcare providers rely on these individuals to keep their equipment in top working order so they can deliver reliable care to their patients.

What type of equipment does a BMET service?

As you can imagine, hospitals and other healthcare facilities house a wide range of equipment. In fact, the industry has a list of over 6,000 types of equipment. A single general hospital may be home to more than 10,000 individual devices. BMETs may work on any number of these devices. Common examples include X-ray, MRI, hospital beds, lasers, ventilators, resuscitators, humidifiers and electrocardiographs.

What training is required to become a BMET?

To become a BMET, one typically completes an associate degree in BMET. Those in the military may complete a BMET course. Other professionals receive formal training in electronics, then attend manufacturers’ classes to learn about specific equipment. Many BMETs go on to complete additional coursework or obtain a BS degree to advance their career potential.

What skills are important for a BMET?

If you’re considering becoming a BMET, it is helpful to possess key attributes. For success on the technical side, you should be adept at problem solving and reasoning and enjoy a challenge. You should also have strong communication skills, as you will need these to work with the many healthcare providers who are involved in the use of the equipment. You should also be self-motivated, capable of working independently and dedicated to customer service.

How many BMETs are employed in the U.S.?

As healthcare opportunities continue to expand, the outlook for the BMET career field remains positive. As of 2000, there were around 11,000 BMET positions across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a significant increase by 2006, with a jump to around 29,000 BMET positions. If you are considering career options, a position in hospital equipment repair in Lubbock, TX could prove to be a great opportunity.

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