The FAQ on OBGYN Cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX

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Have you heard of cryosurgery? This modern method is now being used to treat a variety of conditions. If you’re not familiar with it, cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX can sound intimidating or even scary.

To educate yourself on this topic and discover if you might be a good candidate for OBGYN cryosurgery, use the following guide. Consult with your personal physician for more details.

What is cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX?

Used for cervix treatment, cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX is a procedure in which the doctor uses liquid nitrogen (freezing gas) to kill precancerous cells. When these unhealthy cells in the cervix are destroyed, the woman’s body can regenerate new, healthy cells to replace them. This method is also commonly referred to as cryotherapy, or simply “cryo.”

What can I expect if I undergo cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX?

Cryosurgery typically takes about 10 minutes. It can be performed in your doctor’s office, and you do not need to be anesthetized for the procedure. Afterwards, you may feel a bit light-headed, so ask someone to drive you to the appointment.

To complete the procedure, the doctor will perform a cervical examination, then use a cryoprobe to freeze the abnormal cells in the cervix. This device will be held against the cervix for about three minutes, removed for about five, then held again for another three. During the freezing portion, you may feel cramping or chills.

Consult with your doctor about taking over-the-counter pain medication beforehand to reduce possible cramping.

Are there any health risks with cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX?

Mild cramping during cryosurgery is the most common risk of the procedure. As mentioned, some women feel dizzy after cryosurgery. Rarely, complications of cryosurgery include bleeding, infection, fainting and freeze burns. The risk of bleeding and infection is slight.

What aftercare is needed following cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX?

Immediately after cryosurgery, you can typically return to most of your regular activities. For two to three weeks after the procedure, you should not use tampons or have intercourse, in order to give the cervix time to heal.

During the first week after surgery, you may experience some discharge. This is evidence that the body is getting rid of the old, dead cells.

Three to six months after cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX, your doctor will schedule a follow-up pap smear. This is to verify that the abnormal cells have been killed by the procedure.

Is cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX right for me?

High success rates have been reported from cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX. Whether or not this is the best treatment for you depends on a variety of factors. Consult with your OBGYN, who can review your health history, current diagnoses and potential options to help you determine the best course of treatment.

Who Provides the Equipment for Cryosurgery in Lubbock, TX?

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