Tips for Choosing the Right Centrifuge

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You’ll find centrifuges in any lab in the country, but despite how common they are, people who run labs still occasionally have some difficulties when purchasing new centrifuges for their facilities. When you consider the massive range of options currently available on the market, this isn’t particularly surprising.

So how do you narrow down the options to find the centrifuge that’s right for your lab? Here are some tips to help you navigate centrifuge sales in Lubbock, TX:

  • Make G-Force a priority: RPMs have traditionally been used as the main point of emphasis when marketing and selling centrifuges. While RPMs are certainly a factor you’ll want to take into consideration, they don’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know about the device. You should instead make G-Force your prime criteria when selecting your next centrifuge. This information offers a more precise look at exactly what you need and will help you narrow down your centrifuge choices more quickly.
  • Consider how much space you have available: The available space in your lab will be another critical factor to take into account when making your centrifuge selection. Sure, it might be tempting to choose a piece of equipment that has all the luxury features attached to it, but if you simply don’t have the floor space to accommodate it, then it’s not going to be of much assistance. There are plenty of benchtop options that can still provide you with a good amount of power and speed without having to take up too much space.
  • Look for options that provide you with flexibility: Your lab partners and coworkers are likely also going to need to use the new centrifuge, meaning you have more than just your own personal needs to take into consideration. Therefore, you should look for centrifuge options that have a wider range of rotors you can easily switch out, and ones that can take different tube sizes. This will help you accommodate a broader spectrum of needs in your lab.
  • Choose centrifuges with intuitive controls: Why make things any more difficult than you need to? You shouldn’t have to spend too much time learning how to use your centrifuge—chances are, you need to start using it immediately after you’ve purchased and received it. Therefore, make matters easier on yourself and the rest of your lab staff by selecting a centrifuge known to provide more intuitive operational control, including control panels with easily navigable interfaces.
  • Get assistance: There are other industry tools that will help you make your selections, including online selection guides. Plug in the information about what you’re looking for, and these guides will give you some options that match your search criteria!

These are just a few considerations to take into account when purchasing a new centrifuge. For more information about how to get what you need out of centrifuge sales in Lubbock, TX, we encourage you to contact the team at Stat Biomedical Inc. any time with your questions.

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