The Importance of Sterilizing Medical Equipment with a Tabletop Autoclave

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Think about all of the important procedures that take place in a hospital or doctor’s office. From intensive surgeries to outpatient procedures, both minimal and intensive procedures all depend on one thing to be successful: sterilized instruments. Everyone from doctors to surgeons and dentists depend on an autoclave to keep all medical instruments clean and sterile. Any medical professional knows keeping scalpels, scissors and other important medical tools clean of any contaminants is vital.

Hospitals are prone to fungi, viruses and deadly bacteria that can cause incredibly serious and sometimes even fatal complications. Using non-sterilized medical instruments—especially during surgery—drastically increases the likelihood of transmitting a disease from one patient to another. Sterilizing each piece of equipment is critical to keeping each patient as safe and healthy as possible.

While there are many ways to sterilize equipment, most modern labs utilize an advanced sterilizer known as a tabletop autoclave. Here are just a few of the advantages of using a tabletop autoclave for sterilizing medical equipment in Lubbock, TX:

  • Eliminates microbes: An autoclave uses high temperature steam emitted at an extremely high pressure to sterilize medical objects. The instruments are placed into a transparent pouch that is completely sealed before being inserted into the autoclave for sterilization. This combination of time, heat, pressure and steam effectively kills all of the pathogenic microbes. After the cycle, the instruments will be completely sterile, safe and ready for use immediately.
  • Reliable and safe: Sterilizing medical equipment with an autoclave is one of the only guaranteed ways to eliminate the danger of spreading bacteria and diseases from patient to patient in a medical facility. The autoclave’s method of circulating pressurized heat provides the highest standard of sterilization available. Sterilizing with an autoclave is nearly 100 percent effective. Your patients will have the peace of mind knowing they are always as safe from contaminants as possible.
  • Sterilize in bulk: Tabletop autoclaves are the perfect choice for medical facilities of all sizes. Everyone from small dental offices to large hospitals needs large amounts of equipment sterilized quickly. Autoclaves come in a variety of sizes, from the smaller tabletop models to the bigger sizes that are primarily used by major manufacturing companies. No matter the size of the facility, an autoclave will make sterilization quick, easy and effective every single time.
  • Prevent double surgeries: All surgeries require multiple pieces of equipment. Using just one item that isn’t properly sterilized could result in a serious infection. Oftentimes, the infection won’t emerge until much later. The patient will then require additional medical treatment and possibly even a second surgery to prevent additional health issues.

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