Medical Equipment in Lubbock, TX Can Be Expensive—How to Find the Best Used Laboratory Equipment

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Whether you are running a university laboratory, a high school science lab or are an independent scientist, you will need the proper tools and equipment. Funding is tight for many, which means that purchasing brand new equipment is often not an option. If cost is an issue, have you considered buying used lab equipment? Going this route can save your department or organization up to 70 percent per device! With so many good quality used products out there, even facilities with plenty of funding are exploring this option.

If you’ve done some research, then you know how costly medical equipment in Lubbock, TX can be. But don’t feel too discouraged—here’s how to find the best used equipment for your lab or facility.

Know what you are buying

Just as you would shop around for the best new products, you want to do the same for used, especially since quality can vary. Make sure you are buying used lab equipment from a reputable company, and evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs and is not flawed. One way to know what you’re buying is to pay attention to an item’s “used” description:

  • As is: A company that’s experienced in fixing up and selling used lab equipment probably won’t offer products “as is” very often. This term means the condition of the item is not fully known and is likely not ready to function right away. There could be problems, and it may even cost you more in the long run to repair it.
  • Reconditioned: You want medical equipment that’s been professionally reconditioned. These products are typically in near excellent condition, but have been rejected by big sellers of new equipment due to something like damaged packaging or some minor cosmetic flaw. Others have been repaired and tested under warranty and made available for resale. They are fully operational devices at bargain prices.
  • Refurbished: Refurbished laboratory equipment has been repaired and serviced by a qualified technician. It has been restored to full working order and is considered good quality used lab equipment. Refurbishing may include fixing cosmetic flaws, replacing worm parts, repairing components and testing functionality.

Consider what you need it for

Yes, used lab equipment costs less than new, but you want to get the exact device you need; otherwise you’re wasting precious research time and money. Before buying, know the type of research and testing being conducted in your laboratory. Also, you want a fully functional device, but are cosmetic factors important to you? Finally, it’s a good idea to see how much it costs to buy new to ensure you’re actually getting a bargain on your used equipment.

Be careful where you buy used equipment

Since both quality and cost can vary, take your time researching the best places to source used laboratory equipment. You might look in the classifieds in science magazines, but condition and function are not guaranteed. For quality used equipment at affordable prices, purchase what you need through an authorized medical equipment supplier.

Ready to buy used? Contact the team at Stat Biomedical Inc. to learn more about buying quality used medical equipment in Lubbock, TX for your lab!

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