Benefits of Using Capnography (CO2 Monitoring)

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Waveform capnography is one of the most innovative recent advances in the field of hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX. Capnography machines analyze the amount of CO2 in exhaled breath from a patient, which provides health care providers with a quick and accurate way to assess the status of patients in a wide variety of conditions, including patients in respiratory distress, patients under anesthesia and patients suffering from cardiac arrest.

Capnography machines can equip health care providers with a wide range of valuable data sets that can result in substantially better patient outcomes than other types of respiratory monitoring devices. If you are looking for an affordable, easy and accessible way to check the CO2 levels of your patients, you should consult with your provider of medical equipment in Lubbock, TX.

Here are just some of the benefits of using a capnography machine in your hospital or health care clinic:

  • Capnography reads ventilation data: Capnography machines monitor the amount of CO2 present in each part of the respiratory cycle, and display this data on a readout called a capnograph. Because they read every phase of the respiratory cycle, they provide more in-depth readings than those offered by SpO2 monitors.
  • CO2 levels indicate respiratory effort: Capnography machines are effective ways to monitor the amount of effort a patient is expending on respiration. By regularly reading the CO2 levels in a patient and monitoring the amount of energy they are expending on expelling the CO2, capnography provides a valuable data set.
  • Capnography indicates the root of respiratory problems: Because of the robust data sets provided by capnography machines, they make it easier for health care providers to diagnose the root causes of respiratory problems. The capnograph wavelength displays the entire breathing cycle, making it easier to track exact and precise symptoms.
  • Real-time data on treatment effectiveness: Capnography machines display ongoing data in real time, meaning that they are ideal tools for understanding how a patient is responding to any given treatment. They can also be used to determine how rapidly a patient should be ventilated, in case of a patient progressing to respiratory failure.
  • Capnography indicates shock: If you are in need of a fast and effective way to diagnose shock, you should invest in a capnography machine. Consult with your trusted provider of hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX to learn more about how capnography machines can be used to diagnose shock.

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