Benefits of Buying Refurbished vs. New Medical Equipment

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Medical equipment typically consists of complex machinery that is expensive to obtain and operate, and requires a substantial amount of maintenance. Small clinics and community health centers may not be inclined to dedicate massive amounts of resources toward purchasing new equipment, which can easily take up entire annual budgets for just a few machines. Purchasing refurbished hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX is one way that health care providers can maximize their budgets while still offering high-quality treatment options to each and every one of their patients.

There are a number of reasons why community health care providers should consider investing in refurbished hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX. Clinics can maintain a high standard of patient outcomes while maximizing their operating budgets and increasing their staffing levels. Here are just some of the benefits clinics experience when working with a refurbished medical equipment sales team:

  • Cost effectiveness: The most obvious reason that a community health care provider would consider purchasing refurbished hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX is to save money. By investing in refurbished gear whenever possible, hospitals and clinics can free up much-needed funding for other purposes, including staffing, disposables and medication.
  • Personable sales experience: Purchasing new equipment can be a daunting task filled with unnecessary corporate bureaucracy. You can have a much more enjoyable transaction by working with a team of refurbished medical sales specialists. Refurbished gear sales teams are passionately dedicated to helping you provide top-notch care.
  • Identical patient outcomes: Refurbished equipment works exactly the same as new gear! In many cases, medical equipment is refurbished by its manufacturer. In others, it’s maintained and updated by a well-qualified professional technician. You can rest easy after purchasing a piece of refurbished equipment since it won’t affect patient outcomes.
  • Warranty inclusion: When an institution purchases a piece of refurbished hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX, it almost always includes a warranty that is better than or equivalent to the equipment’s original factory guarantee! There’s no need to worry about suffering from downed equipment, because your gear is most likely still warrantied.

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment allows you to spend your clinic’s budget more strategically. Because some types of equipment cannot be refurbished, you can save your capital funds to invest in them, or you can increase your staffing. There’s no shortage of ways that purchasing refurbished gear can help you maximize your community health care center’s overall effectiveness.

Stat Biomedical Inc. has been the premier provider of refurbished hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX since 2012. We are a proud member of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals, and it is our honor to provide community-based health care centers with affordable diagnosis and treatment tools. You can count on us to provide you with high-quality, dependable solutions for all of your clinic’s hospital equipment needs. Reach out to one of our helpful professionals today to learn more about the types of refurbished and previously owned gear that we keep in our extensive inventory and get answers to your questions.

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