Four Things to Consider When Purchasing a Defibrillator

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A defibrillator is, unfortunately, one of those things a lot of people don’t realize their workplace is missing until they need it. Cardiac arrest is a serious threat, and in many cases having an AED (automated external defibrillator) on hand can save someone’s life. If you’re just beginning your search for the right AED for your workplace, you’re probably starting to realize that there are just so many different AEDs out there, at so many different price points, and with so many different “features,” that it can be extremely confusing to even know where to start.

In this post, we’ll tell you what we think are the five most important factors to consider when looking into defibrillator sales in Lubbock, TX. It should go a long way toward helping you narrow down your search and find the best AED for your workplace.

The brand

Like with any product, there are trusted brands of AEDs, brands who have made their names producing high quality medical products, and then there are knockoff brands, who essentially make money off the good name and higher cost of the better AEDs. Our most trusted brands are Philips and Physio Control. Defibtech and Zoll also make good products. Look into the differences between each brand’s warranty and service plans. Will they work on the product for free? Do you have to return it to them, or will they send a mechanic to your workplace?

Additional costs of ownership

Your AED has two parts which have to be regularly replaced—the battery, and its defib pads. Do research on the comparative costs of these parts for each AED you consider. Also take into consideration the predicted lifespan of the battery and pads. If you have to replace them more often, a cheaper initial price might not be worth it in the end. Another reason it’s important to buy from a bigger brand rather than a knockoff is that their pads and batteries are far easier to find, because they are sold by essentially all retailers of medical equipment.


We suggest finding an AED that is as simple as possible to train on and use. Any layer of complexity increases the likelihood that something goes wrong. We suggest fully automatic AEDs with pre-connected pads that provide audible prompts explaining use. These prompts are designed to take every bit of guesswork out of the process, meaning that, in the moment, anyone can step up and be a lifesaver.


Of course, for most workplaces, the most important factor to consider is price. The bottom-floor for a high-level AED seems to be about $1,700, with more feature-rich AEDs topping out around $3,000. If you’re purchasing for a large workplace, it might be worth upgrading to the more feature-rich option, as they make it easier to face the variety of scenarios that might require defibrillation, including pediatric scenarios, where no one wishes for there to be any room for error. Some websites run defibrillator sales, allowing you to buy top-notch AEDs at discounted prices.

At Stat Biomedical Inc., we sell Philips and Physio Control AEDs at the most competitive prices in the area. In our years of providing top quality medical supplies, we’ve always tried to provide the best defibrillator sales in Lubbock, TX, knowing that they are such important machines, saving hundreds and hundreds of lives every year. If you’re interested in our defibrillator sales, please explore our website to learn about our offerings, or give us a call today!

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