Understanding the Importance of Medical Equipment in Lubbock, TX: What Are Single and Multi-Channel Infusion Pumps?

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Infusion pumps are medical devices you’ve probably seen in person during hospital visits or on television shows, although you may not have known what they’re called. But if you are in the medical industry, then chances are you know what infusion pumps are and how to use them on patients. They play a vital role in hospital settings, but can also be used in a patient’s home or care facility.

Since single and multi-channel infusion pumps are important pieces of medical equipment in Lubbock, TX, let’s take a few minutes to learn about them.

Infusion pumps and what they do

Advancements in technology have made caring for patients in the hospital or at home so much more safe and efficient. For instance, external infusion pumps can be used in many different types of environments for a variety of purposes. These are medical devices constructed to deliver needed fluids in a controlled manner directly into a patient’s body. These pumps have the ability to deliver small or large amounts of fluids, like antibiotics, insulin, hormones, pain relievers and chemotherapy meds.

Single and multi-channel infusion pumps are pieces of durable medical equipment made of lightweight materials to create easy-to-handle units. Some pumps are meant to be stationary, while others are portable or wearable. These devices operate using either a rechargeable battery or a 110-120V AC that plugs into a wall outlet. Most hold power for four hours or more, and thanks to illuminated displays, they are easy to see to program and set up. Either type of infusion pump is designed to supply a set amount of fluid medication or nutrients in controlled drops per hour to a patient.

But what is the specialty of a single channel infusion pump vs. a multi-channel infusion pump? A single channel pump has just one reservoir that provides to the patient a single fluid medication or nutrient over a longer period of time. On the other hand, a multi-channel device can deliver two or more kinds of fluids from multiple reservoirs at varying rates.

Who utilizes and who needs infusion pumps?

Single and multiple infusion pumps are very regularly utilized by medical professionals tending to patients who are in need of a constant supply of specific fluids. People who are good candidates for an infusion pump are those needing medication to help them live a healthy life. Patients relying on certain fluids suffer from a wide range of conditions, so it’s up to the doctor to know who will benefit from an infusion pump. Recognized conditions include patients with diabetes, iron poisoning, certain types of chronic pain, certain cancers, thromboembolic disease and severe spasticity.

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