seca Measuring Systems Are Big Breakthroughs for Medical Equipment in Lubbock, TX

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Measuring systems and scales are staple items in all medical facilities. Patients are weighed almost every time they visit a clinic or hospital. Weight helps medical professionals understand a patient’s health and their bodily changes over time, which can help them diagnose illnesses.

Medical scales are a crucial component of medical equipment in Lubbock, TX. This is why we at Stat Biomedical Inc. offer top-quality medial measuring systems and scales at affordable prices. One of the most popular brands of scales we offer is seca, the world market leader in medical measuring systems and scales.

seca has recently introduced some exciting new technology that can help change the future of measuring systems and how medical professionals use them to aid their patients. If you’re interested in purchasing seca scales for your medical facility, contact us to see what models we have available!


About seca

seca started in 1840 as a small-scale factory run by A.C.C. Joachims in Germany. seca scales quickly took off and became well known throughout the 19th century by doctors using the products for patient care.

Since then, the company has grown to become the global leader in medical measuring and weighing. It celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2015 and is continuing to produce top-quality, reliable and innovative products for use in the medical market.


seca’s New Scale Technology

seca announced its latest innovative technology for medical measuring and weighing. The seca mBCA scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body composition at a clinical level of precision. This technology will help doctors understand vital parameters about the patient’s health and adjust treatment in the course of their health plan accordingly.

The seca mBCA can provide medical professionals with numerous patient stats, such as fat and fat free mass, segmental muscle mass, intra and extra cellular water and metabolic rates.

This technology is extremely beneficial for medical professionals to better understand their patients’ overall health and fitness levels using a more advanced scale. Weight used in combination with the other vital information provided can help doctors and nurses more comprehensively see a patient’s health status.

Additionally, seca is continuing to grow its wireless technological network, which will allow compatible measuring systems, scales and the seca mBCA to wirelessly exchange data and send data to various EMR systems. This technology can better optimize workflow and give doctors more time to work directly with their patients.


Browse our selection of seca measuring systems and scales

If you’re looking for new or refurbished seca measuring systems or scales to add to your facility’s medical equipment in Lubbock, TX, contact Stat Biomedical Inc. Since 2012, we’ve served hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and doctors’ offices, offering new, refurbished and reconditioned medical equipment at affordable prices! Our expansive inventory is sure to meet your needs, and we also offer an equipment repair program to extend the life of your existing investments. Give us a call today to learn more!

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