The Five Most Common Maintenance Issues with Medical Equipment

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Modern medical equipment is capable of performing veritable miracles. Due to their complex nature, however, the life-saving technologies that have become ubiquitous in many doctors’ offices, emergency rooms and health clinics are susceptible to a myriad of maintenance issues. Regularly obtaining medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX can help extend the life of your medical institution’s valuable gear.

It goes without saying that the dependability of your clinic’s medical gear should never be questionable. If you are even vaguely concerned that it has been a substantial amount of time since your site last received medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX, it should be taken as a sign that it’s time to schedule a service appointment.

While some private and government-operated insurance providers require certain machinery to be maintained on a set schedule, it is never a bad idea to have all of your site’s gear serviced on a regular basis. Clinics and hospitals that don’t have maintenance services regularly performed on all of their equipment can experience a myriad of maintenance-related issues:

  • Anesthesia hazards: The process of being anesthetized is extremely dangerous and requires a substantial amount of mechanical support. If even one component of an anesthesia-providing system malfunctions, it could result in dire health consequences or even death for the patient.
  • Cross contamination: Reprocessing gear improperly can result in life-threatening cross-contamination mistakes. Having endoscopes and other such devices and their cleaning machinery regularly serviced provides an extra level of safety for your site’s staff and patients alike.
  • Tube misconnections: Feeding tubes and IV systems both rely on a complex series of adapters and connectors. Specialists offering medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX can help you select and organize a more intuitive solution to avoid misconnections for intravenous and gastrointestinal tubes.
  • Surgical fires: Improperly maintained equipment is especially susceptible to fires. Surgical fires can result in serious injury and death for patients and staff members alike, and can be caused by something as simple as dust buildup. Obtaining regular maintenance services can reduce your clinic’s risk of on-site fires.
  • Defibrillator failures: Defibrillators too often fail to save a life due to something as simple as a battery pack that has lost its charge. You can maximize your site’s lifesaving potential by obtaining regular maintenance services on all of your medical equipment.

There is no need to risk the reputation of your site and the health of your patients. Seeking proactive medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX is a surefire way to make your clinic safer and more cost-effective. Additionally, regular maintenance services can save your staff members valuable floor time by making their workflow more intuitive and their tasks easier to accomplish.

Stat Biomedical Inc. has been providing medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX since 2012. Our highly qualified team is licensed by the Texas Department of Health, and we are capable of repairing and servicing a myriad of medical gear. To learn more about how our knowledgeable team can be of assistance to your hospital, practice or clinic, give us a call today.

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