Laboratory Equipment: To Repair, or to Replace?

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Your laboratory consistently strives for accurate, effective readouts. Older or damaged equipment, however, can make it impossible to provide your patients with the high-quality and quickly produced results that they need. Determining whether to upgrade or replace your existing lab gear is one of the most substantial financial decisions that doctors’ offices, hospitals and medical clinics can make. Medical equipment in Lubbock, TX represents a substantial investment, whether you are purchasing or retrofitting it.

Medical equipment in Lubbock, TX that has not been regularly maintained, calibrated and serviced is likely to put out inaccurate results. These miscalculations can be extremely dangerous for both your site’s reputation and your patients’ health.

Replacing equipment

The age and expense of the original piece of gear is the first thing to consider when you are attempting to determine whether your gear is worth repairing or replacing. For instance, many pieces of equipment are only designed to be used for a certain amount of cycles, and they are supposed to be disposed of after their life cycle is complete.

Sometimes, equipment may simply be too broken to repair. Even if it does not appear to be feasible to repair your equipment, however, it is recommended to always have it examined by a specialist in medical equipment in Lubbock, TX prior to disposal, as it may still contain some components that are worth saving.

If a piece of equipment has been used to the point where it is no longer viable to repair, there may be several replacement options. Contact as many equipment providers as possible, and attempt to determine which new device suits the needs of your lab the best.

Even if you are replacing your gear, work with your equipment provider to set up regular maintenance appointments or learn about possible service plans so that you can ensure its longevity and long-term accuracy.

Repairing gear

Proper maintenance and timely repair is easily the most cost-effective way to keep your lab’s gear running properly. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments for your medical equipment in Lubbock, TX is a surefire way to save your site money and maintain a high standard of care.

Never attempt to have any repairs or maintenance services performed by someone who is not a qualified medical equipment repair expert. Medical equipment in Lubbock, TX should only ever be serviced by service providers licensed through the Texas Department of Health.

Be sure to keep records of any maintenance services that you obtain, as this can help you remember when another service appointment is necessary, and may assist you with the diagnosis of any issues that might arise.

A combination of regular maintenance and repair services, coupled with replacements when appropriate, can help you to maintain the highest standard of care possible for your patients.

Since 2012, Stat Biomedical Inc. has been providing high-quality medical equipment in Lubbock, TX. Our expert staff members can advise your clinic on both repair and replacement options for your existing setup. To learn more about our knowledgeable team and the services that we offer, contact us today!

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