Top Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Equipment Maintenance

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Not having your medical equipment maintained regularly can have a seriously negative impact on your bottom line. Typical maintenance costs usually amount to less than 2 percent of your annual capital, but once you need to call for emergency medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX, that amount quickly increases. If your maintenance costs go over 5 percent for the year, you may be in trouble.

In order to meet the rising standards of competition and quality in the medical field, healthcare providers choose smarter business practices and find ways to save on operating costs. Investing in outsourced maintenance of your medical equipment is simply best practice, and here’s why.

Reduce in-house labor costs

The cost of keeping in-house repair resources is expensive and unnecessary. Although routine maintenance is needed regularly, it is not a daily need. Adding maintenance staff to your payroll when maintenance services are only needed occasionally is a waste of capital. By outsourcing the maintenance of your medical equipment, you can ensure your equipment runs smoothly and avoid costly repairs without having to pay someone when they are not needed.

Avoid the cost of emergency repairs

The bottom line is that regular maintenance will always cost less than an emergency repair. On average, a whole year of regular maintenance checks costs less than one emergency repair—not to mention the dangers of having your equipment break down when it might be needed. Outsourcing your medical equipment maintenance means you can avoid the hassle, worry and cost of needing an emergency repair.

Prevent equipment failure

Without regular maintenance, you run the risk of equipment failure. Although the chance of your equipment becoming irreparable is small, it’s still an expensive risk that you can’t afford to take. We all too often see equipment that is beyond repair due to being poorly maintained, which is hard to believe when the cost of maintenance is far less painful than the cost of buying new equipment.

Increase the life of your equipment

Medical equipment is a major investment and, just like you would with a vehicle or a home, you want to take care of that investment to ensure that you can get the most use out of it. Spending $50,000 on a brand new vehicle make sense when the salesman promises you that you will get over 200,000 miles out of it, but this only applies if you follow the guidelines for maintenance. The same concept applies to medical equipment. Most equipment will last for many years and through hundreds or even thousands of uses, but only if maintained properly.

Preventative maintenance can save you significant money. Complete replacement of medical equipment or calling for an emergency medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX is often much more expensive than routine maintenance. By ensuring your medical equipment is well maintained, you can get the most efficient use out of it, and you’ll be sure it will last longer. If you’re looking to save money by outsourcing your medical equipment maintenance, call Stat Biomedical Inc. We are your local source for top-quality medical equipment maintenance and medical equipment repair in Lubbock, TX.

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