Important Care and Maintenance Tips for Medical Equipment in Lubbock, TX

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Running a medical practice or hospital is a big responsibility. Day in and day out, people’s health and lives are in your hands, which means everything needs to work right, all the time—especially your medical clinic equipment. This is important regardless of whether the medical machines and tools you use in your office were bought new or used. The fact is, quality medical equipment is expensive, so you must care for all equipment properly to ensure everything works right and to avoid costly repair bills.

Here are a few care and maintenance tips for medical equipment in Lubbock, TX:

  • Proper usage and treatment: A lot of the time, equipment failure occurs due to improper use. If it’s a piece of equipment that everyone in the office has access to, then make sure you provide training on how to use it only for its intended purpose. Also, treat your equipment well and with care. It shouldn’t be hit, kicked or otherwise banged around—call customer support instead. Medical machinery must give accurate information, but use it in a way that’s not recommended or treat it poorly and you run the risk of it breaking, which can compromise your patients’ safety.
  • Read the owner’s manual: Before you call on customer assistance, take a look through the owner’s manual. Unless there’s a serious technical problem, following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines will almost guarantee proper function. Make sure to keep a regular systems update schedule—including running diagnostics, firmware and software updates, calibration, etc.—so machinery doesn’t randomly stop working one day.
  • Understand equipment warranties: One of the first things to check when you buy new, previously owned or refurbished medical equipment in Lubbock, TX is the warranty. See what parts and services are covered, and keep in mind that you are also likely required to use, care for and maintain machinery properly if the warranty is to remain valid.
  • Perform basic maintenance tasks: Depending on the type of equipment you own, you may or may not want to attempt basic maintenance. If you do choose to let your staff take on some tasks, make sure that they are knowledgeable or trained. Otherwise, your best bet would be to hire in-house or on-call support services that can respond immediately to equipment failures and unexpected maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind is the stipulations of the warranty, which may state that repairs and maintenance must be done by a professional in order to avoid invalidating the warranty.
  • Hire a professional: Although in-house support staff is great for when you need help with basic maintenance tasks, you need to know their limits and availability. Should the situation require a more in-depth analysis, consider calling in a professional medical equipment technician. At the very least, you should hire a qualified technician to regularly inspect, clean and maintain your medical office equipment.

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