Four Reasons Why You Need to Take Advantage of AED Sales in Lubbock, TX

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Sudden cardiac arrest can happen whether you have an underlying heart condition or never experienced a single problem in your life. Reports from the American Heart Association show that cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States, and furthermore, people are shocked to find out that the survival rate for a cardiac event is less than 10 percent. With safety and this information in mind, let’s look at four good reasons to take advantage of new and used AED sales in Lubbock, TX:

  • AEDs are lifesavers: The first thing to note is that having an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in your home or business can save someone’s life one day. This is why it’s a good device to have even if no one on the premises suffers from known heart problems, because when an AED is used in combination with CPR before EMS arrives, the survival rate is much higher.
  • AEDs are easy to use: If you own an AED, it’s crucial that everyone who has access to it knows where it is kept and how to use it. That being said, AEDs are fairly easy to use, even without previous training. They are automatic devices, which in this case means they will talk you through everything—just follow the AED’s voice instructions. Once the pads are on the person, the AED will search for and analyze heart rhythm to make sure the individual hasn’t just passed out. It will charge up and administer shocks only if truly needed.
  • Time is of the essence: Four to six minutes is the average time it takes for EMS personnel to arrive on the scene, but it can be longer depending on your location. Every minute counts in a sudden cardiac arrest situation, as the brain cannot survive without oxygen for long. So, if you live or work in a remote area or there’s a chance that your closest EMS and fire department could be out on another call when you need help, consider getting an AED.
  • Anyone can go into cardiac arrest: The elderly are not the only people who can go into cardiac arrest. Truth is, sudden heart problems can affect anyone—men, women, children—at any age, no matter their health status. Cardiac emergencies can come about due to things like participating in strenuous activities or exercise that accelerates heart rate, as well as dealing with extreme stress. All too often, going into cardiac arrest is the first time the person finds out they have been living with an underlying heart condition.

These are only some of the reasons why you should consider keeping an automatic external defibrillator on hand at home or at your place of business. The fact is, since these devices are automatic and set to talk the user through a cardiac emergency, anyone can use an AED, so there’s no real reason to not have one.

At Stat Biomedical Inc., we know just how scary sudden cardiac arrest can be. Please don’t hesitate to give us call for more information on our new and used AED sales in Lubbock, TX.

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