New Standards for Neonatal Hospital Equipment in Lubbock, TX

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Texas passed several bills in 2016 that affect hospital equipment in Lubbock, TX and throughout the rest of the state. One type of equipment being affected is the neonatal patient monitors, since there are new standards for medical providers who offer maternity services. These monitors must include carbon dioxide (CO2) along with their other indicators. This is a review of the law and how it may affect your equipment choices.

Legal requirements

Requirements for carbon dioxide monitoring on neonatal patients arise under the Neonatal Levels of Case Designation in the Texas Administrative Code. It is part of last year’s amended Health and Safety code, which requires compliance by medical personnel before March 1, 2018. Depending on the level of care you provide, you are required to provide particular services to patients.

The requirement for CO2 monitoring applies to Levels II and up. Level II facilities provide care for infants born under 32 weeks at gestational age and birth weight or who require respiratory care until symptoms improve. The Level III designation applies to neonatal intensive care units which address mile to critical illness or infants requiring sustained life support. Level IV includes the advanced neonatal intensive care units which provide care for the most complex and critically ill neonates and infants. These facilities already monitor CO2 since that makes a critical difference to their patients.

Effects on equipment

Many clinics and hospitals need to upgrade or replace equipment to meet this requirement by March 2018. If you already provide care that meets with Level IV responsibilities, chances are you already have monitors capable of this work and are already in compliance. However, if you are part of a smaller operation and never had the need to monitor CO2 before, it is likely you will need to replace your equipment before the deadline arrives.

Once you confirm your facility uses the right monitors, you must submit new paperwork with the state to show your compliance. The forms are available online with different information depending on whether you are a Level I, II, III or IV facility. You will not be able to practice legally under your designation until you secure the needed equipment and submit the required forms.

We recommend that you perform an audit of your equipment as soon as possible. Since many clinics and hospitals will rush to comply with the law, it is likely we will be backordering neonatal patient monitors, and there could be a wait until you receive yours. You do not want to face this ordeal only weeks or days before the deadline and find you cannot submit the paperwork in time. Now is the time to start planning to assure your facility is in compliance with the new law.

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