How Your Clinic Can Improve Efficiency Through Infusion Pump Sales in Lubbock, TX

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Sustained efficiency is important in the medical industry, and finding the right technology to help achieve this efficiency in your medical facility is a top priority. The electronic and automated monitoring of patients with infusion pumps is one way that you can improve the type of care you offer. Here are a few of the ways in which equipment from a company offering infusion pump sales in Lubbock, TX can help improve your clinic’s efficiency.

Timely administration of medication

When programmed correctly, infusion pumps can control the correct dosage and type of medication a patient receives at precise intervals. If at any point there is a failure in the pump’s monitoring, the system is prompted to alert the staff so that they will be able to correct any issues and tend to the patient if needed. Some pumps even have the ability to provide automated secondary infusions, meaning that when one dose of a particular medicine is finished dispensing, the second will automatically begin. This mechanism ensures that all patients will be able to get the medicine they need on time, and provides the type of continuity that is critical to an effective treatment plan.

The majority of these pumps are also mobile, allowing a patient to move around if they are not restricted to bed rest. These machines are also lightweight, and patients can travel with them without putting any additional strain on themselves. This means that patients will be able to use the restroom without the flow of their medication being interrupted, or they can sit upright in a chair and spend time with family members that come to visit if they choose. This type of mobility can go a long way toward elevating a patient’s mood and keeping their spirits high during a distressing time.

Reduce the pressure on your staff

Many of these pumps also have data archive and storage capabilities, and the staff won’t have to spend as much time performing redundant data entry. This organization of data can help streamline shift changes, and eliminate the need to chase down other staff members with questions about the fluids that have been administered to a patient. The amount of time that is saved along the way can then be redistributed in other areas, such as checking in with patients more frequently or spending time talking with patients to gather more nuanced medical information that can help to improve their stay.

Infusion pumps can save lives, and making them available for all of your patients can help improve the quality of the care you are able to give them. If you are looking to upgrade your current pumps, add more to your facility or learn more in general about infusion pump sales in Lubbock, TX, contact Stat Biomedical Inc. In addition to these pumps, we offer many other types of monitoring equipment that can improve your clinic’s efficiency. Browse our catalogue online or give us a call to learn more about what we have to offer your medical facility!

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